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The Importance of Business Software

The Importance of Business Software In every area of business in the world of today there are computers at work. The said computers run on a mix of hardware and software that helps the different companies optimize their festivity. In the following article we shall discuss the importance of business software. Firstly, the importance of […]

Evolution of Point-of-Sale systems

Point-of-sale or as called otherwise Point-of-purchase is a contemporary transaction system which is essential for the steady flow of mercantile retail transactions. A major part of retail business worldwide have adopted such technologies in order to refine the quality of their services and at the same time save time and thus money. This technology was […]

About me and this site

Hiya, my name is Jean Land, and this is my customary about page, while I don’t want to give a lot of identifying information, I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss why an about page is actually quite important for individuals and companies. Many individuals ask what an about me page is. This […]