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Hiya, my name is Jean Land, and this is my customary about page, while I don’t want to give a lot of identifying information, I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss why an about page is actually quite important for individuals and companies.

Many individuals ask what an about me page is. This is a page that you ought to have on your blog or site that tells your guests a bit more about your identity and what you do. In case you have a blog or a site, you most unquestionably need an about me page. In case you didn’t know this, insights demonstrate that it’s the most visited page on a blog after the last post.

This bit of information ought to stand out all alone. This means you need to have such information about you on a different page that can be found through a particular tab, more often named “About name of the author.”

Why you need such Information

Individuals who are going to visit your site and like your content, which they will unquestionably, are likewise going to need to know more about you, particularly with respect to things like…

What do you do?
What is your experience in your field?
What is your aptitude?
What you have for them?
What is the most ideal approach to contact you?

The more particular your responses to these inquiries, the better your about me page will be.

My blog concentrates on everything to help businesses and web users get a foot in the door.

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